Saturday, February 23, 2008

First "Girls Night In"!

As I previously mentioned, we have been in Georgia a year and it has taken me that long to get a group of neighborhood girls over for a "Girls Night In." 5 of us ladies got together at my house for a craft and crop. Me, Annette, Suzanne, Stephanie and Marla all live in the same neighborhood and have that and all daughters in common. Except Suzanne who has a son and a daughter. This makes for many swapped parenting stories and a good laugh or two. We did everything from organizing digital photos, to recipe organizing, scrapping and writing out Thank-you's. It was all good. We have planned our second Girls Night In and have agreed to try and get together monthly taking turns at each others homes. The only thing I wanted to do but forgot was to take pictures of the group. I will have to get us all in action next time. It was good getting together for girl talk. I'm looking forward to the next time and getting to know each of them better!
This sweet little card and ring with my initial was a special surprise from Suzanne tonight. The envelope pictured above was a perfect little logo for tonight's group! Thanks Suzanne, it is lovely!
Suzanne brought a whole big sample of her layouts. Her scraping is awesome. She is truly talented.


Lee Weber said...

jealous! but soe glad you had such a good time!

Mom said...

Wish I could have been one of the "girly girls". Sounds as though you had a really good time, with a great group of girls.

Anonymous said...

What a fun idea Tammy! I'll have to give that a try with some of my crafty girls. I am going on an overnight to a spa this Saturday with my BUNCO girls...should be a blast. Nothing better than a little girl time. :)Eileen