Thursday, February 21, 2008

1 Year in Georgia!

One year ago today we were standing in Gray, Georgia watching the movers unload the truck and trying to keep Shelby out of the way. This pic below was the week before waiting for the movers to load. This is what was in the yard. I miss all of our friends, but I don't miss all of that white stuff.
When we landed back in the U.S. it felt like anything but home. But when we got here in Georgia on a sunny day, I kicked off the snow boots and never looked back. We have loved moving here and we are closer to family after spending almost ten years in Canada. I have made several friends that have helped with the transition and Shelby has many, many playmates. We had a lot of visitors our first year here and it made it so much easier to adjust. Thanks to all who made the trip. It is now my goal to get as many people/friends/family to move closer. I have included a few pics of the Georgia home. These are only pics from the outside. I will add another post sometime of all the work we did on the inside. Until then, Y'all come and see us for a little southern hospitality when you can!

Sending you all a BIG hug today!





Your home is stunning!!! Can't wait to see the inside pics.

Susan Tuttle said...

Your home is so beautiful Tammy! Thanks for your wonderful comment - that is so wonderful that you and Lee are best friends - there's nothing like girlfriends!


Lee Weber said...

Miss you. Can't wait to visit in June.

rog said...

Just found you while viewing Lee's blog and your home is GORGEOUS!!!!! So glad you have made friends and feel at home now:D Home is where the heart is......right?