Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pine Mountain, GA

 You could travel from little town square to town square in GA and never be able to stop and visit them all.  They each have a unique quality.  Some are very country and some are quaint.  You never know what you are going to discover.  This past weekend we took Rosie to Pine Mountain, GA. It is home to beautiful Callaway Gardens.
 Unfortunately, we were a week or two too early to see all of the azalea's blooming so we walked around downtown Pine Mountain.  It was a warm weekend up in the 70's.
 We stopped to check out this old train car.  S was disappointed she couldn't go inside.
 The town had lots of antique shops, cafe's and garden shops.  I shopped a little bit and found some wonderful goat's milk soap and a sweet apron with tiny rosebuds.
 In the back of this garden store was this pretty stone and figurine display.
 We decided on having lunch at the Rose Cottage Bakery and Cafe.  Well I should say that I decided. My hubby wanted to try the 3 little pigs BBQ down the street.  He was very accommodating.  He knows I like these sweet, eclectic places.
 This was a neat place with lots of little rooms for dining, shopping and of course the wonderful artisinal breads and pastries that were displayed.  We were definitely treading on thin ice being here.  We have been seriously dieting and have both lost 20 lbs.  So we chose sandwiches and enjoyed having bread for the first time in weeks!!  It was worth the splurge.
 The room to the left of us had this pretty chandelier hanging and lots of antique art on the walls.
 We just admired these goodies, but they looked so yummy!!
 Two rooms in the back were dedicated to selling local wines and wares.

 The town was very pretty and easy going.  We enjoyed the day and then head back to our campsite.
I could have taken all these breads home with us.  Nothing like a good bread with a crunchy crust.  Oh well, some other time.  Spring break is ahead of us.  In 2 weeks we will be hooking Rosie up again and heading for the beach in St. Augustine, Fl.  We have a campsite reserved right on the ocean.  Can't wait.  Will take lots of pics and share our 5 day camping experience with you.  Until then, enjoy the Spring.  It has hit GA and we are enjoying all the new blooms.


Sandy C said...

I love sweet artsy bakeries like that :) I was going to say that Don looked like he lost some weight.Congrats to both of you! I can't wait to see pixs of your Rosie adventure in Florida!

Sandy xox

vivian said...

what a great little town.. looks like a wonderful place to hang out. and camping on the ocean? I cant think of anything better! Congrats on the weight loss! I'm down 17.8 pounds too.. lots more to go.. but I'm enjoying the journey!
Have fun!

SherryRoseBella said...

I can't tell you how good it was to run in to you today, in the grocery store! You look beautiful!
It was so good to catch up a little!
I had to catch up on your blog posts, too. I have not been very good at that lately!
I love the little town of Pine Mountain but haven't been there in years! Shelby has really grown and is gorgeous like her mamma!
We will, for certain, get together after we both settle down from our traveling!
love you,

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