Monday, January 14, 2013

Unplugged for a Day

 Last Saturday my in-laws invited us to spend the day at their lake house.  The lake house is about 40 minutes from our home and is located on Lake Sinclair.  As you can tell from Shelby's attire, it was a really warm day.  It was in the low 70's, but still a bit overcast. With my Dad's constant influence she loves to "wet a line." She gave it her best, but there were no fish biting today.
 Being out at the lake house usually means a very quiet and unplugged day.  There is little to no cell phone reception, no TV and no radio.  So when we head out there we bring our books and board games and spend the day together. 
 Here is my In-laws lake house which they bought back in the 60's.  They have maintained it very well but have changed it very little since they bought it.
 We had to bring the dogs with us since we were going to be gone all day.  They enjoyed being in a different spot.

 This is the screened in back porch where we spend a lot of time when we are there.  It overlooks the water and usually has a bit of a breeze.  Don and Shelby are here with Judy enjoying her homemade cookies.
 When we got there in the morning it was a bit cool inside so Dad started a fire to take the chill off things.  The deer head really fits in here.  I have never been a big fan of animal taxidermy, but this actually works.
 Most of the wood inside is very dark and it needs a lot of lighting.  As you can see it is a step right out of the late 60's to early 70's decor.
 Shelby snagged a line so Don came and helped out.
Our favorite past time.  Mexican train dominoes.  We play for hours and have a ball.  It was a really relaxing day on Saturday.  I even took some crafts with me to work on in between eating too many chocolate chip cookies.  We find spending time with our parents is getting more and more important.  Time is going by so quickly.  Everyone's health (for the most part) is hanging in there, but things can change quickly.  Sure, there were 10 other things that we could have done on Saturday, but being together was certainly more important.  So the lake house will sit again until probably Mother's Day which is our usual time to go.  So until then, we will sit out the Winter and wait for Spring!!


kandeland said...

what a nice relaxing time! 70 degrees? ahhh.... can't wait for those days! xo

vivian said...

I cant think of a better way to spend a day, then with family or friends at the lake! probably my most favorite way to spend a nice day.
my valentines ornies are ready to mail! just need to take the time to box them up and get to the PO!
have a great week Tammy.

Lee said...

Looks heavenly. I'd like to park myself on the porch and read all day- and maybe nap a little!!

Sandy Camarda said...

Wow 70 degrees?! I agree that going somewhere remote with the family is just so invigorating! Peaches and Sweetie are soooo cute!

Sandy xox

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