Monday, December 3, 2012

Candy Box Ornaments

 After being inspired by Viv's candy box creations, I bought a couple of Russel Stover boxes, gathered up my supplies and started creating!!
 These are fun and addicting.  I am still amazed that the girls that swappd with Viv made so many.  It takes a lot of work cutting all the pieces of paper to fit just right.
 These are the six that I made.  I don't want to part with any of them but they will go to good homes!
 Some of the small wooden pieces were from Mom's vintage goody collection.  Love them.  All of the reindeer came from Heather's shop the Speckled Egg.  She has great prices on those little guys!!!
Well, it is off to the next thing!  Other goodies to craft, finish Christmas shopping, write out cards, wrap, volunteer this week at School for the Santa Shop and so on......  I am sure you are all crazy busy too.  Happy hugs to all!


Sandy Camarda said...

OMG I JUST finished making one and ONLY ONE- because I was so impatient with trying to the fit the paper! Enjoy the Holiday festivities :)

Sandy xox

vivian said...

lol! love them! I'm glad you made them. really once you cute a piece for the top and a little bit smaller piece for the bottom and just use them for patterns its not too bad. yours turned out adorable. thanks to Elizabeth at creative breathing for the idea and the swap! So glad to hear that heather sells those little deer. I wish i had known I ordered mine from someone on line that I didnt know. would have much rather bought from sweet heather. have fun crafting, Ive got to get back to work on the last bear order for the season, 6 bears and 10 star santa ornies. I want to finish them by sunday... uhg.. probably wont happen, but I'll try.
have a great week Tammy!

Grace said...

Haha I have swap envy so I bought 1 small whitmans box and after I finish some goodies have to make 1 ok 2 I can trey to use the other side of the box? haha that is if I do not go crazy like Sandy fitting the paper inside. Yours came out so cute!! Grace xoox