Thursday, January 5, 2012

Where would we be without our friends?!

Friends have a special way to lift us up! They add so much to our lives. I cherish all of my gal pals. They are a true treasure. This friend is a big, sparkly, pink diamond in my collection of jewels! Mind you, all of my friends are beautiful, but very unique in their own way. Remembering my birthday and always thinking of me even in the smallest of ways makes my day. Getting her funny texts or messages each week keeps us connected. Thank you pal for all that you do. I so appreciate you!!!! Luz sent me this lovely journal and she made this sparkly rose brooch. She cleverly added paper text to the rose petals.
You didn't think it would be all sweet and soft now did you? Yes, I am a circus freak and I know that because she tells me so. What a fun pillow. It of course reminds me of her immensely. I think it may be the shoes.
Yes, she found one! A tiny vintage trailer ornament even in the colors that I am planning to use. Way cute. I will be leaving this out and putting this in the camper when it is finished as a part of her accessories.
When your friends get you, it really makes you smile. Such a pretty, soft vintage apron with tiny red strawberries. What a great collection of goodies. Many thanks, Luz for all the pretty gift tags and care you gave to making these gifts so special. YOU ROCK!!!
Speaking of my trailer, she is really coming along.
With Don at home and his son visiting, my Dad got them to lift the new air conditioning unit on the top. Dad literally works on this little buggy everyday and he absolutely needed help with this. It went on very quickly and smoothly. Don got it wired and away it went. I am happy to say that it is super quiet when it runs. It even works as a heater, too. I was not thrilled about adding it to the camper, because I thought it would look hideous on top. Well, to make a long story short, once the cover went on it, you can't really even see it up there. And hubby said that he would be going no where with me if it didn't have air. I have to concede, that by mid May it would be too hot to enjoy it, if I couldn't cool it down in some way. So, Hubby 1, me 0. He was right, it was a good addition.
This was the latest mess Dad uncovered. The door frame and part of the trailer frame has dry rot. I am happy to say that he has already ripped it out and rebuilt the frame and rebuilt the part of the floor at the entrance. She is solid again! Advice to anyone thinking of purchasing a vintage trailer, pull up the carpet and lift the outer skin to inspect what is underneath. I still would have bought her, but I would have chewed them down on the price a bit. Thanks goodness my Dad loves doing this stuff. The Spring is looking good for her to be finished. In March I will start pricing out her new paint job. Stay tuned......


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh sweetie, what wonderful goodies precious Luz sent you!!!! and I just KNOW you will have that camper just as good as new when you all venture out!!! What a wonderful project Tammy! Hope all is good with you and I always love stopping by to see what you're up to ~ have a wonderful new year...hugs and love, Dawn

vivian said...

oh Did you have a little birthday Tammy! I hope it was packed with everything you love! Luz gave you precious gifts. Your camper is going to rock. I cant wait to see it finished in all its glory! Have a great weekend

kandeland said...

love the gifts from Luz! she's such a blast and I'm lucky to know her through you! Both of you girls are awesome! Happy trailer days! xoxo

Lee said...

Woo hoo- gorgeous goodies!! Love that LUZ!! ANd the camper- can't wait til you get your @ss up here in it!!

cinnibonbon said...

ooooooohh you are too kind!! It is me who has benefited hugely from your friendship!!! From day one you've always made me want to strive to be a better human being--and I love you for that!!!!! Thanks for letting me make you smile...even when I'm calling you names!! xoxoxoxo

Sandy Michelle said...

Damn nab-it! When is/was your birthday and why are you keeping it secret?!?!?! Spill girl!

P.S I am secretly hoping that I will be able to see your finished trailer in person some day!