Friday, January 27, 2012

Good Bones and Ballet shoes

It has been a busy week or so. I am beginning to think that "busy" is the norm. Here are the highlights of what we have been up to.
The girls (Natalea, Heather, Viv, Sandy and I ) have been at it again with a Valentine Ornament Swap. I think this is the 4th year that we have been swapping for Valentine's Day! My Valentine tree is so full. It looks great.
I made these heart-shaped Valentine Ladies.
Truth be told that I started this project with a different outcome in mind, but I could not find the right shaped chenille pipe cleaners. They were going to be chenille Valentine ladies, but I improvised. I made the stick figures but needle felted heart-shaped bodies. Then added all of the extras. I think they came out cute for starting off so wrong. I hope the girls will enjoy them. I am looking forward to getting their creations this week.
The camper project continues..........
My Dad kept saying, "I think the main door into the camper is broken." Mind you it has the aluminum skin over a wood frame. So he pulled it off, carefully removed all of the aluminum outer skin pieces and low and behold, this is what we found. From the door knob down, the inside wooden frame was completely dry rotted and almost in shreds. So, Dad went down and bought the wood and started to reconstruct the door.
Here is my sweet Dad at his craft. He loves doing this stuff. He built this door frame in no time.
Here it is. Fresh and clean "new bones." We added foam between each section for insulation and then went to work on straightening out each piece of aluminum in order to recover the door. After 45 years, some of her skin has been twisted and torn in some places. So with much love and care, I have a new door to the camper. All new weather seal around it. We worked all day on Thursday to get her done and hung back on to beat the rain that was coming. Wahoo! Another project down. It is getting closer everyday.
Of course while my Dad is busy making her a strong and beautiful "mini studio on wheels" I am finding all the goodies for inside.
I found this 1950's reproduction of the "Moonbeam clock." It's about 5x7 inches in size in a pretty blue color. This baby was from L.L. Bean of all places. Found it on the back cover of the catalog and had to have it for the camper. I promise to take some more pictures of some of the other items I have picked up.
Last but not least, my sweet 6 year old is in her 3rd year of ballet. Each January they invite the parents to an open house to watch them in class. We went this week and I so enjoy watching her grow and get better every year.
Small things like finally knowing left from right and taking directions makes a big difference in the class. Her class has 15 girls in it this year.
They announced that this year's recital is going to be Alice in Wonderland. Her class is going to be roses. They will have a dance routine and then they will remain on stage as part of the scenery and keep changing poses. Should be cute.
Okay, so one last thing.
We finally booked our first cruise! In May, we are going to cruise on the Disney Dream cruise ship to the Bahamas. We are going with our friends, Paul, Marla and Jennie. We are really excited. With no airfare involved, it was really a great deal. So, the weekend is here and Don is flying back in from CA. We are planning a quiet, do nothing weekend. Lots of walking and reading. Can't wait!


vivian said...

Love your little valentine lady ornies! my trees are full of lots of wonderful creations from all our swaps and a bunch of others as well. One piece that I have kept out since she arrived is your queen of hearts, (I think from last year?) but she loves to hang out in my craft room. I cant wait to see what the others made as well.
You are very lucky to have such a creative dad with time on his hands! Your camper is going to be awesome!
and .. Shelby is lovely! Every little girl needs to be a ballerina dont you think?
have a nice relaxing weekend! I'm off this morn to go do a little shopping with both my daughters and my torry pie!
happy day!

Lee said...

The little ladies are so cute! I lvoe the idea of decorating for each holiday- too bad I don't. I know, so lame...

Your camper is amazing! Chris and your Dad would love each other. My kitchen is in shambles, due to walls being riped down. Maybe I'll go post about it.

Shelby is getting so big. Lucky you to have a girl- all mine do is run around and play army!

Sandy Michelle said...

Your ornis turned out really great! The cruise sounds so fun! Shelby is growing so fast! I love the clock you picked up. Have a great relaxing weekend!P.S You still didn't tell me when your birthday is?!?!

Sandy xox

Cassie Shella said...

Oh have fun on your cruise! I think your Valentin Ladies look great - sometimes our best stuff comes from starting out the wrong way. I really can't wait to see your camper finished - have a great week:)

cocobonandluce said...

How fun!! Nice V-day swaps. I can't belive you and that ham are moving right along. I think it's awesome. The more and more I think about it and the more I look into them the less I want one..grr. I have no idea what I would do with. Still toss it up now. I'll keep you posted.

cocobonandluce said... adorable. And growing so quickly!