Monday, October 24, 2011

What a weekend!!!!!

We started the weekend on Thursday night with craft night in my studio. We had a little Halloween party with cupcakes and cookies. Here is my Halloween tree with all my swap goodies. Mom and Luz had gifties for us.
Luz made us witch hat ornaments and a beautiful decorated pumpkin. Here is mine!!
We made glass charm pendants, earrings and rings. I did not take any pics unfortunately but will show some of the pieces I am making later in the week. So Friday morning we got up early to leave for Stone Mountain and the Country Living Fair.
The fair was full of wonderful images and ideas. Here is my collection of photos for you to enjoy.

My lovely mother stood by this piece of furniture. Loved it. Good price, too. Next year going with something I can take big things home in!!
For Luz who coined the term, "booth bitch" here she is working the tables.
Wouldn't this be awesome on a front porch greeting guests to your home?
I wanted this pink child's chest it the worst way but could not justify $175 for it.
Dress forms decorated in every way you can imagine were all the rage again this year. I like the chicken wire on this one.
Me, Mom and Luz in the reflection of the mirror.
Luz bought this lamp for her studio. It matches the fabric on the chair her hubs recently bought her.
Relaxing in the trees.

The new "Minnie Pearl."
Here she is, the Queen with her diamond sceptor. Talk to the wand!
We got home and were all worn out from walking and believe it or not from being so chilly. It was cool that day and we could have been dressed warmer. We shared what we all bought that day. I will show you pics in a few days of what I brought home. The show was fantastic!


kandeland said...

Wow! what fun! So happy you and Luz got together and had some fun- she's a riot!! I can't believe how woodsy the setting is for the CL Fair down there! cool!
glad you girls had such a nice fall weekend...xoxo

vivian said...

lucky you! we loved the country living fair in ohio when we went last year. wanted to go this year, but after my daughters wedding I was toooo broke!
Im glad you had fun.
have a great week

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Tammy, thank you for sharing your trip to CL with me. I will probably never get to attend one so I love all your photos. I also got some ideas from it for my booth. I wish I lived in your neighborhood so I could maybe be invited to attend your craft sessions. What fun! xo

Sandy Michelle said...

Hey girl! I love the halloween decor and the saying on the wall-in your art room! I saw so much stuff in your CLF pix that I wanted! Did you buy anything?

Sandy xox


Ahhhh ahahah...YOu got me with that septor!!!! You are killing me... too bad I can't wish my way back to your place for some more crafy goodness.