Friday, September 9, 2011

Treasures...Friends and Finds

I just love these little peep-toe baby shoes. I have to laugh at myself sometimes. I can't believe how goofy and excited we get when we find some great old treasures while junkin'. 10 years ago I would not have even been interested in these sweet things. Yesterday we had a great time shopping, lunching and junkin. Here are some of my spoils.

These 3 dolls were nestled in this box together to purchase. The ceramic one is so tiny with its moving arms and the other 2 are made of lead I think. They re so heavy and painted. I have added them to my small doll collection.
These 3 old bottles will be getting some witch potion labels for Halloween decorations. These were less than $2 a piece.
I found this for Shelby's new bedroom. We just redecorated her bedroom in lavender and put hardwood floors in. This looks so cute on her dresser. When I finish sewing her curtains and get them hung I will show you how sweet her room turned out.
This was a roll of beautiful cream vintage lace. Carla and I decided to split it. There is over 100 yards on this roll.
We also hit Hobby Lobby and found these Halloween goodies.
I scored this chicken wire basket for my kitchen table. I will be filling it with pumpkins and gourds in a few short weeks.
We had a great time celebrating Carla's birthday and of course spending our day together. I hope you all had a great week, too and enjoy the weekend ahead.


Sandy Michelle said...

I love the cat you bought. I can't wait to see what you've done with your Daughter's room!
Sandy xox

kandeland said...

What great finds Tammy! I know that feeling of excitement when finding old good junk only too well!
Happy fall and happy back to school Shelby! xo

Cassie Shella said...

Wow! What a great score! I love the little antique bottles - and I can't wait to see how you redecorated Shelby's room- I'm sure it's going to be lovely:) The mirror looks adorable, have a wonderful week.