Sunday, July 17, 2011

Doing something I never thought I would do!

I bought this sleepy little pup as a gift for my parents. She was a 50th Wedding Anniversary surprise. Needless to say we all fell in love with this dog. She is a Malti-Tzu mix; part Maltese and part Shit-tzu. Mom and Dad named her Peaches.
We celebrated Mom and Dad's anniversary last night at Marco's in Macon. We had a great time. Back to the dog, she is doing great with Mom and Dad, but Shelby is missing that dog badly and surprisingly so am I. So my hubby said, "What are you waiting for?" Go get Shelby a dog. So we did.
We went to another breeder and found the same breed mix. We found out that both Don and Shelby do not have an allergic reaction to this dog and she hardly sheds!! Yeah for me.
This pup is only 6 weeks old and has to stay with her Mama for a few more weeks. We will be picking her up on August 2 for Shelby's birthday. So we will have to crate train and housebreak this pup. Wish me luck. I bought a book and trying to read how to do this. It is amazing how quickly these little creatures get under our skin and into our hearts. So Peaches is getting a cousin to play with. I will keep you posted on how we make out. As you can tell, Shelby is over the moon excited!


kandeland said...

aw! such cute dogs! Yes, Shelby must be soooo excited! Happy Anniversary to your sweeet mom and dad.
xox nat

Sugar Bear said...

What a sweetie! My little puppy will be 6 in September! She has brought so much love to our home.

Lee said...

How sweet!! If I could have convinced Chris, I would have gotten a smaller dog too, for the same reasons. Love it!!

Lovey said...

Wow! such a beautiful baby! What a great birthday present!

Laurie said...

How wonderful! You will not regret it! And, what a sweet gift for your mother!