Friday, March 25, 2011

Postcards sent with Love and Inspiration

I joined in the fun at Nat's latest swap idea. 13 of us are sending out postcards with inspirational quotes. So over the next couple of weeks I will get some fun "Mail Love."
The postcard was entirely up to us to either create something or buy a pretty postcard to send. We were asked to just send it with an inspiring or sweet quote. Something pretty to make someone's day. I decided to sit down with PSE and create something to send.
I started with this and after adding layers and images, I ended up here:
I love the image of this woman. Her dress is so vibrant and pretty. All ready for Spring.
This is the back side of the postcard. I will be stuffing them into envelopes. I don't hav.e the heart to send them in the open mail. I hope the girls enjoy them.
We started our needle felting project. I will reveal the project soon. I am hooked on that craft. It is so much fun.


Lee said...

omg, who wouldn't love it?? I admire your skills!!

donna!ee said...

hiya tammy, donnalee here. beautiful postcard you have created! i am a part of this swap also BUT i didn't see you on the list natalea provided...would you kindly forward your address to me so that i can surprise you with my postcard fun! thank you much... :)


She's stunning!! Yes, I'm with lee -- you've got some mad skills girl!! Love this

kandeland said...

wow Tammy! your postcards are just divine!!! all of us are lucky you joined the swap...they would brighten anyone's day for sure!
hope you are enjoying your weekend, xo nat

Sugar Bear said...

Ooo - so pretty and feminine. Love them.

Sandy Michelle said...

Ooo it's just gorgeous!

Cassie Shella said...

Oh your post cards are just lovely! I need to take the time to play with Photoshop more. Please post your needle felting pics:) I LOVE needle feling - careful it's definately addictive.

Robin said...

Hi Tammy!
I got your post card and love it! the collage detail is stunning! Thank you so much! I hope you like the one I sent to you!

Dapoppins said...

How beautiful are those! Wow. I need to learn photo shop. I need to get photoshop. I truly do, but I doubt I could come up with such a great mix of things.

Lovey said...

Super cool!

Tam said...

O these are great! Awesome!!!!!
Hope you all have a great weekend!

KatCollects said...

I love these sweet postcards, great idea!