Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Poor, Neglected Blog!!!!

I haven't had a new post since January and it has been busy, crazy around here. We have been traveling for work and for play. Don has been working in California, I went to Winnipeg, Canada where it was painfully cold and then we thawed out a bit in sunny Florida for President's weekend.
Mom had her knee replacement surgery and she did fantastic. We are all glad that the surgery is behind her.
While in Florida taking advantage of our annual Walt Disney World passes, our little princess paid a visit to the Bibbidy, Bobbidy, Boutique. Here she is in her Rapunzel costume and fancy hairdo.
We took our daughter in law, Erin with us. Corwin is in Kuwait for a year so we tried to keep her company for a little while and get her to thaw out a bit.
Here we are in in the new 3D Toy Story attraction in Hollywood Studios. We had a blast and it was sunny and 80 degrees every day.
Been busy this week volunteering up at the school with another art project and I finally have time to finish poor Yvette's vintage smock. I have not had any crafting or creating time in for over a month.
Heading out in 2 weeks for Santa Monica, CA for more work and a trip to Denmark is in the works. It will be April and Easter before we know it.
Well, I m off to do some cleaning and catch up on my domestic goddess chores.



Ohhhh my you lovely child has grown!!!! She just so beautiful!! I'm glad you are geeting some time to thaw out--I've had enough of winter myself.

Hope Momma start getting about soon!!!


Lee said...

She is so big!! I know things are crazy for you- I hope you cram in some creative time.