Tuesday, November 30, 2010

25 Days 'til Christmas

WHEW! Just in time for the December 1st deadline. After seeing this idea on the internet in October, I set out to sew/craft this Advent Calendar for S this year.
There are 24 little gift bags made of cloth, lace and buttons that I sewed. Each one was made out of pieces of fabric I had in my stash. I made a pattern and cut out each piece and started to create. They were so much fun to make each one unique. Each day she will pick out the corresponding December date and find a little treat in the bag.
This is bag number 1 and there is a mini metal Slinky inside. The Original slinky like the ones we used to have as kids. This was the first fabric flower I have made. I added the rhinestone and pearls to finish off. Here are some of the other bags.
Thank goodness for the $ section at Target. I found lots of little treats and trinkets for 1$.
The bags have everything from candy, to toys, socks, gloves, crazy bands, lip gloss, etc. She is going to love these.
I constructed this in the living room tonight after she went to bed so I could surprise her tomorrow morning.
It is very girlie by design and I didn't want it too cutsy. I want her to be able to grow with this from year to year.
Each bag is hung from the rope by clothes pins. The clothes pins have buttons glued on with numbers 1-24. I mixed the numbers up for her to hunt through each day. We should have fun with this for years to come. I hope that she will continue the tradition and use this advent calendar for her children one day. Crafting up a memorable Christmas!


natalea said...

SO fun!! love it Tammy!
Enjoy each and every day of December my friend..it goes too quickly! love you! nat

Lululiz said...

I hadn't seen this done before, what a great idea.

Cassie Shella said...

Oh how much fun!! It's really beautiful too. What girl wouldn't love that? I love the way you attached the buttons with the numbers to the laundry clips. Very cool:) Have a great weekend.


Oh my goodness!!! Do you think Miss S is willing to part with that first red bag? I'm willing to make it worth her while!!! Hehehe--hey love you really rocked this outta of the ballpark- I love them.

Lee said...

Awesome- what a great idea!! Jason asked me this morning to get and Advent calendar. I had forgotten. What a super idea for next year!

Sandy Michelle said...

Wow it's such a fabulous idea girl friend. They came out so lovely! What a lovely tradition you just started!

Sandy xox