Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Surviving Shelbyland

Anyone who has a small child knows that they tend to collect alot of things. Every Christmas I dread putting away the Christmas goodies, because I am always at a loss for where to put things. So it was time to purge! Yesterday, Shelby had off from school so we tackled her bedroom and closet. We needed to get rid of baby toys, books, clothing, shoes, etc. to make things more manageable. Here she is before Operation "Clean Shelbyland":
As you can see she is holding on to whatever she can.
This closet was a disgrace! Seriously, no child needs this much stuff. Having large rooms and closets are great, but you just tend to hold onto more junk. 2 large garbage bags later, 1 large bag for goodwill and a pile of clothing for the Spring Consignment Sale and we have made a major improvement. Here are the after pictures:
We have a small fortune in books in this room and they are finally neat and organized and in 1 place. Dolls and collectibles are dusted and easy to see now and enjoy.
Her cozy sleeping nook. Bed made and toys, books and clutter removed from around and under the bed.
Her dollhouse and play kitchen neat and ready for her to make a mess with again.
The closet. I think we removed 50 lbs. of stuff from this 5x5 foot room. What a joy to be able to walk into this closet without stepping on something. She seems jazzed about her clean and organized room. I hope this motivates her to start helping to keep it that way. She is not very interested in learning to make her own bed, but I will keep trying.
Well I am on a roll, now. I am off to purge my own closet this week. Lots to get rid of there, too. Purging feels good!!!!!


All things nice... said...

What a pretty little girls room, so sweet, love the bed clothes, the pink wall hanging and butterflies. All so girly and colourful

All things nice...

Tam said...

Her room is great! I wish you could see what the Playroom and my two boys rooms look like upstairs! Girls are so much neater than little boys!!! LOL


Hi girlie!!
Whew..that is a big task to tackle. I bet you both felt good afterwards.
The kiddo said to tell Ms.S, that she'll take all the pink things off her hands!! LOL
She also mentioned that she would be very curious to see how Ms. S will decorate her room when she's a teen!!!

Lee @ The Way I See It said...

I have boxes of toys that I haven't even unpacked. Some of them have been in storage for 6 months. I want to open them, jsut to "check" then get rid of them. Some deserving child can use them!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Oh, if only the rooms stayed that tidy... Her room is very whimsical and cute!

Crafty Gal Linda said...

I hear ya'! I am in the same position right now with my 10 y.o.'s accumulated stuff. Your daughter's room is adorable and she's even more adorable! It always feels good to organize and purge.

The Feathered Nest said...

Shelbyland looks just gorgeous now Tammy!!! What a precious bedroom she has...just fit for a princess! I love all the tags you've made too, you are a photoshop guru now!!! I need to get back to learning more about it ~ I hope you have a great weekend sweetie!!! hugs and love, Dawn

natalea said...

I hear ya!! aw, and there's my, I mean Shelby's!, sweet little sleeping nook! I love her room!
xo natalea