Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bargain Hunting!

I have been a bargain hunter for many years. Way back in college (okay, maybe not way back) Lee and I were always "bargone" hunting. We would get all giddy if we found the perfect pair of shoes or jeans for the best sale price we could find. Maybe that was training to be bargain hunters for junk! Well, when I find things that are great and a steal, it is the best high! Here are some bargains that are both recent and some remade over from the past.
This morning we stopped by Goodwill to drop off 3 big bags of things that I collected out of Shelby's closet and mine. So while there, I found these bags stuffed with brand new embroidery thread for 1.00 each, this cut glass shaker which will get some pretty glitter inside and this old silver creamer perfect to make a pin cushion with.
Since we were so close to Michael's, we had to stop there next.
Believe it or not the Spring and Easter stuff is going up already. I found this egg shaped box all decorated with paint and garland and this pretty bird image. I went up to pay and my favorite gal Phyllis was behind the register. We are on a first name basis now, she sees me so often. Anyway, Phyllis always takes care of me and gave 40% this beauty and I paid 2.00 for this great box! These would be fun to make if you could find the paper mache boxes.
Of course while I am running around Macon, I must stop into Barnes and Noble. I can not resist the stationery section. They had a huge table of red dot items that were only 2.oo. After my B&N discount card applied, I paid 1.80 each for these fun things. Cavallini and Co. note cards, a fun weekly organizer and 2 Love themed sticky note pads. There were books on that table as well. Get on over to your B&N and check it out.
This is a bargain from the past that keeps on giving. Mom and I found this book case/mini hutch years ago curbside. Someone was throwing it away. So we picked it up in my Dad's truck and it has been in all of my apartments and houses since then. I recently moved it up into my studio to put my books and stationery and what nots on it. When time permits, I am going to line the back of the shelves with some pretty papers or wall paper.
Lastly, is a sweet thrifty creation made by my friend Carla. We have craft night every Thursday night up in my studio and we love bringing in new things we found and new things to craft. Carla brought this:
It is this pretty little pin cushion. As I looked at it, I wondered what she built it on. Then I discovered this:
An empty ribbon spool. She took the one end off, glued the tufted pin cushion to the hollow inside and decorated it up lovely! Now that is a beautiful, thrifty, crafty creation. That is crafting on a dime for you!!! How's that for a bargain? I will have to try and make one of these for myself. I hope you are all having a good week. I will back with some more Valentine images and the reveal of the tag book I received from Natalea's Valentine Tag Swap.!!


Stacey Bruce said...

Hi, Tammy! You and Prairie Thistle Julie have much talent finding treasures. I was just telling her the other day how much I admire that. I think I get overwhelmed and have a harder time zero-ing in on the good stuff! Thanks for your recent comment on my blog. Just today I flipped through another book by the same author as The Dot. Its called "Ish". Thats another very inspiring piece. I will buy it next time. I'm so glad you enjoy the photos and writing. I've always struggled with creativity, thinking I had to do what I thought everyone else wanted to see. That train of thought always stopped at a dead end. I've passed age 40 now, so all that malarkey is out the window! And its so much better this way! Did you get a chance to watch the Elizabeth Gilbert video link? Take care..

Karen said...

Nice haul at the Goodwill! Don't ya just love it?? I hit two today and had a great time! I really enjoy the goodies you find!

natalea said...

bargains are the best!
I saw one of those Cavallini notepads on sale at B&N too, but just one! you scored!
hope you are having a great day!
xo natalea

Sandy Michelle said...

Girl those are some great finds and at great prices! I can't wait til our outdoor flea market opens again! I am itching for some junk! Thanks for joining my give-away but it was over on Tuesday ;(



Like I said before many times--you have a fabulous knack for this. I want to come shopping with you!!!
Love, love the salt shaker.

Geralyn Gray said...

My visit here lasted a long time....I really enjoyed all of your posts. It looks like a trip to Barnes and Noble is in my future today. I shared our tag swap post today with pictures and links....I hope you stop by and say hi!

Lee @ The Way I See It said...

Love love love the finds! I remember bargone hunting very well, and the it still pops into my head from time to time! You defintely have a knack- the floss was insane!! Love the robin box and the B&N stuff. I can't find anything like it here, not yet anyway. Even the JoAnn fabrics is lame up here. SIGH. love u

Trishia said...

Tammy, Would you please tell Cavillini and Co. that they need some of my images:) That's one of my dreams!ha!
Love the salt shaker....great idea to repurpose for glitter.

Cassie Shella said...

All of your bargains look great, especially the embroidery floss! I have an old cupboard that was in my parents basement many years ago, I took it when I moved to my first apartment and it has been with me for almost twenty years, I'll never get rid of it. I loved the pin cushion your friend made too. Have a great week!

susieboozie said...

Hi there from England.I love your blog Tammy and I was very pleased to download the Valentines cards that you offered,they are truly romantic. I am a frequent visitor to America ( well I've been 17 times)! And was thrilled to see that you are in Georgia. I loved my visit there which was during blossom time (2 years ago.,( I visited the Carolinas and Tennessee also..) The doors to your shops and houses prettily adorned. I love your blog and so was not surprised to find we share the same star sign..! Luv & x's

Lilly's Home said...

Oh lovely!!! Isn't it wonderful to find treasures for just about nothing$!
Have a great day,