Thursday, November 19, 2009

Till then, Guard Your Necks... or Maybe Not

Tonight's the Night!! We will be wearing these cute badges to get us into the New Moon Private Screening party. I can't wait. We will be leaving home at 8:45, swinging by Starbuck's for a little caffeine and then on to meet Trina at the movie theater. I will be taking lots of pictures of the activities and decorations before the main event. Wish you were me don't ya!!!


Laurie said...

I do...I just read Twilight this week and am almost finished with New Moon. I've enjoyed them. Haven't seen the first movie yet!

Susan Tuttle said...

Ooo -- lucky duckie!:)

Carol said...

Lucky you!!!

2 more days to wait here until the German pre-preview on Sunday. Official preview here is on Wednesday, but we have tix for this Sunday at 12 am it's a special, they show Twilight first and then New Moon right after it, so we have more then 4 hours with Edward te he
The only thing I don't like is that our movies are fully synchronised, I'd so prefer the original! I also read the 4 books in English last year, but most of the German fans read them in German language. They even changed the titles for the German books, I so don't like that!

Well anyway, have fun tonite!!!

Best wishes sends

Stephanie said...

Hope you had fun girlie!!