Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Spiders are Busy

One morning when we headed out to feed the ducks, it had cooled down considerably. It was very wet outside and condensate on everything. The closer we got to the gate, there were glistening cob webs everywhere.
Each web had tiny beadlets of water that clung to each string. The webs were beautiful to see.
If the weather had been different, we would have walked right by these stringy creations and not enjoyed the spiders hard work. Halloween is everywhere it seems. Enjoy the spooky week ahead. Wait until you see my little one in her costume. You will get a good laugh.



Stunning work by that spider. And of course your photo's are sheer amazement!!

Hehe--I wonder what little Miss S will be this year!!! Should be fun. Have a lovely weekend my friend.

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

these photos turned out awesome!! They would make great Halloween cards- maybe for next year?? xoxo

MommaRu said...

I wouldn't want to meet up with the spiders that made these. No thank you! But....your photos are beautiful, just like the webs.
Love U

natalea said...

although the spiderwebs are beautiful- I can live without the spiders! Give me snakes and bats any day!
Can't wait to see the cutie pie's costume! And I can't wait to show Scarlet's either- should be funny. Have a great Halloween!
xo nat