Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Story

Looking back at some of these pictures is painful. Many of us share that same feeling when we look back or even at current pictures of ourselves. You even find that you hate having your picture taken and avoid the camera. I would look in the mirror and not recognize the person staring back. I am sharing this with you in the hopes of getting just one of you inspired to change your life and your health.
This is me about 2 1/2 years ago at my stepson's wedding. I was about 160 lbs here and looked every bit of it on my 5'3" frame. I can not blame this weight gain on my little one. I gained 30 lbs during my pregnancy and proceeded to drop 40 lbs the first 3 months after she was born. Over the course of her 2 year life I managed to put it all back on and then some. How, why? I am not sure I have any answer other than eating whatever I wanted, no exercise and was at home fat and happy!
It was time to do something!
Don and I both got motivated this past Feb 2009 for several reasons. One was to get healthier, lose weight and to try and extend our lives in order to be around for our sweet Shelby. We decided to be older parents so we need to be around to help her make her way in this world. So we jumped holding hands as always into another project;ourselves.
It has not been easy, but it has not been as hard as I thought it would be, either. This picture was taken in May, just 4 months into changing my diet and I was down, 18lbs. So we kept going. I spent the summer going on vacations and eating out and barbecuing in between my Herbalife shakes and managed to be down a total of 20lbs since February.
I hit a plateau at the end of the summer, so we picked it up and started walking at least 4 times a week covering 12 - 16 miles a week and yoga 2 times a week. Now we're talking! I am down another 3 lbs and just 4 lbs from my goal weight. In 6 months, I have changed what I look like, how I feel and couldn't be happier. I went from a size 12 to a solid 8 and some 6's. Herbalife has changed my figure in ways that I could not have planned for. The down side to loosing weight at 42 is that things don't spring back the way they used to. The walking and yoga are helping to tone. My cholesterol a year ago at the doctor was 197 and last month it was down to 142. Now that is a good change. I don't care what program you choose to get yourself back. Whether it is Herbalife, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, etc., find something that works for you and stick to it. You can do it. You owe it to yourself and to your family.
Now I recognize the reflection looking back at me. From my short hair to my tanned toes, this is me and I am here to stay. Now, if i could just get rid of these damn braces!!!!
All seriousness, I hope you are a little inspired and please DO SOMETHING if you want to feel better. If you want to learn more about Herbalife, visit my link on the right side panel on my blog and contact me. I can get you started and you too can start feeling this great!!


Tam said...

YOU look great! I love your story. I have gained tons of weight. Your story inspires me and I also follow Ruby's story on Style!

The Feathered Nest said...

Tammy, you look so beautiful!!!!! I need to do this soooooo bad :) xxoo, Dawn

Sugar Bear said...

You look fabulous Tammy! I hope that your post inspires lots of people.

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

kisses, girl, you look awesome. I have about 8 pounds to get rid of, if I could just close my mouth...

Stephenie said...

Your look amazing.. Congrat's to you.. I've also gained weight and have been working hard to take it all back off.. I've lost 25 pounds and still trying.. It's always nice to hear, I'm not alone.. It's so easy gaining weight and sooooo hard to take it off... Thanks again for inspiring me..


You are amazing. My sister took Herbalife last year too and slimmed down a great deal. She loved it.

Thanks for sharing your story- I know that was not easy.
I surely know what you mean about getting hold of yourself and just doing something!! I try to remind myself of that everyday...it's a tough battle. Thanks for the motivation.

Julie said...

You look so happy and healthy - we could all use a little inspiration for better health and living. Thanks for sharing - xo Julie

Laurie said...

That is super inspiring - thanks for posting your story!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Congratulations on the self improvements, especially the cholesterol!

SherryRoseBella said...

Tammy, you are beautiful & such an inspiration! I noticed how good you looked the other day when I was picking up Brooklyn & you & your sweet Mom were picking up Shelby at pre-k. You are not only fit and pretty but a sweet & wonderful person!
love ya,