Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to School Blast

Well, here she is ready for her first day of "big school" as she calls it. All day everyday! She went with not even a worry or concern. We dropped her off at the door, kissed her goodbye and then she turned to wave. My brave, big girl! She loves it and I am so makes me feel less guilty for all my free time! The kids were off to school and the parents were smiling with excitement. We all then got together for a Back to School Brunch.
My partner in crime, Annette and I co-hosted a back to school brunch for some of our friends that morning. We started with Mimosas.
We set up my back porch for our gathering.
Then we spread out the food for everyone to enjoy. We had a ham, cheese and potato breakfast casserole, cheese grits, homemade biscuits, fresh fruit and a almond pear cream cheese torte. YUMMY! With the mimosas in hand, not one seemed to be looking for the tissue box. There was nothing but smiles.
Here are some pics of the Bunch at Brunch!
We had a great time that morning and then went off to enjoy our first day of quiet.
When Shelby returned home that day from her first full day of school she had a balloon and cupcake surprise. As you can see from the smile it was a good one. Well, we have one full week under our belts and she asks to go to school every morning. I hope it lasts for the entire year. I hope all your little ones have a great first day, too.


Sugar Bear said...

You must be so relieved to know Shelby likes school! I hope that will be the case for Chelsea in a few years. The brunch was a fabulous idea! Enjoy your free time.

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

I am counting the days... I lvoe the cupcake diea. I may have to steal it.

natalea said...

how sweet!! and what a great idea having a back to school brunch! cute little Shelby!! xo


You are the hostess with the mostest for sure. Girl I'm so amazed by you--and plus you can cook?!! Wow..ok I want that cheesy potatoe thingy's recipe--I think my old hubs would "love me long time" if I made that! LOL.
Oh you're such a proud momma- little Miss S is just too beautiful- I'm sure you are beaming with joy.

I'm sorry I've been missing out on your blog and life-- I'm hoping to get back in the swing of things real soon. Thanks for hanging in there with me.
I sure do miss you. Please tell your wonderful family I said hello and send lots of love!

Laurie said...

Oh, I shouldn't have looked at this before breakfast. Now all I want is a pear tart! What a fun idea. Your little looks like she had a great day, and you do, too!

Donna said...

I no longer have my Own little ones but my Grandkids also enjoyed their first week back to school...That's a lot of Happy looking parents!Hahaa...Your baby is a Doll!hughugs

Tam said...

YOU girls TOTALLY ROCK! That back to School Brunch looked like great FUN!! Loved the Balloon and Cupcake!

Anonymous said...

Your porch is just beautiful and totally inspiring.

Looks like you had a wonderful brunch with the girls, and Shelby had a great day!!