Monday, February 9, 2009

A Sunday in Savannah!

What an absolutely fantastic day we had yesterday! A few posts ago, I mentioned that two friends and I were going to Savannah for the day to have brunch and see Paula Deen for a book signing event as part of the Savannah Book Festival. The day was all about fun, friendship and some famous folks.

We decided to leave early so we could catch the trolley and see some of the sites before the brunch. Marla had never been to Savannah so we wanted her to see what Trina and I love about this great city.
These are my new day tripping buddies. Meet Trina (left) and Marla (right). We spent an hour seeing the various city areas and then finally got off at the City Market to get to the brunch in plenty of time. We were expecting a crowd.
We had some time before walking to Telfair Square so we stepped into The Paula Deen Store to see her wares and experience the store. There were only a few people milling about and after a few minutes Trina spotted our first surprise of the day, Bobbie Deen. Bobbie Deen is Paula's youngest son who also has his own cookbooks along with his older brother.
Bobbie was very friendly and was more than happy to take a picture with us along side his life size cut out of his mother. After the picture we started chatting and here is the funny part. He spoke to me and asked me "When did you get your braces?" I laughed and said, "Gee, thanks for noticing." I couldn' t believe that these stupid braces, that I am still trying to get used to, are now the topic of conversation with my first celeb. Who would have thought. Anyway, he went on to tell me about his experiences with braces and how his teeth were moving again. You can see in the picture below that Marla took that he is actually showing me his teeth!This just cracked us up. He was very curious as to why I was wearing them since my teeth were already straight. I told him they were correcting my bite and then he said, "Oh, you have a bulldog bite." I laughed and said, "I guess I do." Only a true Georgian would refer to my bite as a bulldog bite. The Georgia bulldogs are a worshipped football team from the University of GA and there are bulldog statues everywhere down here. After our interesting visit with Bobbie and the discussion about my metal mouth, we headed back out to the street to find the tent on Telfair Square.When we arrived at the tent we bought our books for signing and then were greeted at the door with Mimosas! Yum. We were ready to enjoy the event of the day. The crowd we were afraid we would run into did not exist. It was an intimate group of about 200 people and the event was organized and planned down to the minute. We chose a table off to the right and near the open side of the tent.The atmosphere was simple and pleasant for an outside venue. We were in a white tent with round tables covered in white linens. Each table had this centerpiece sponsored by Savannah Kitchen and Bath. These arrangements were very clever and the perfect touch of nature for the tables. There were 2 buffet lines set up, so when the announcement came we were off to put a little "South in our mouth."We were treated to several wonderful entrees and side dishes that would make any person from either the North or South drop to their knees. This was my plate and what I chose. I took some of everything, except the butter beans. From the spicy, fried chicken going clockwise, there was ham on a biscuit, turnip greens, squash and zucchini casserole, and macaroni and cheese. The meal was finished off with peach cobbler. Everything was hot and delicious! I enjoyed it all and cleaned my plate. The dessert was disappointing, but if cobbler isn't hot, it isn't worth eating.

Shortly after the meal, the Lady of honor arrived and was announced.Paula got on stage with her husband Michael and her son Bobbie. She was a laugh a minute and we truly enjoyed listening to her tell us her stories. By 1pm she was off stage and moved to a table and seat outside ready to sign her books for her adoring fans. We got in line and there were only 30 people in front of us. We did not have long to wait.This picture was taken in line while we were waiting our turn to meet Paula. I love this picture the most. It was a glorious day. We had sunny skies and 70 degree weather. It was just the cherry on top of our "Sunday." You must notice the effortless smiles on my two friends. We were all beaming from this amazing day. It wasn't just about meeting Bobbie or Paula, it was all about being out for the day, by ourselves, bonding with girlfriends, not having a real schedule and not worrying about anything, if only for a little while. When I see this picture, I know it was worth the time and money and imposition we put upon our husband's and my SIL, Judy. We can't thank them enough for the gift of babysitting to allow us to have such a memorable adventure.

Well, it was finally our turn. Since we were all book signing virgins, we didn't know what quite to expect. Paula Deen is every bit as gracious, funny and beautiful as she comes off on both TV and in her magazines and books. She took time to say hello and chat with each person. When I walked up I thanked her for coming and for sharing her day with us and as I was getting ready to walk off with my books, Bobbie spots us and recognizes us from earlier. He asks how I made out eating at the brunch, again referring to my braces and Paula looks up and is wondering why her son is talking to me about my teeth.
OMG!!! I am showing Paula my braces. You can see her expression and she is baring her teeth while she is talking to me, in sympathy of course. What a moment. I hope these braces come off soon. Maybe people will go back to noticing the real me again!

In two hours, we arrived at the brunch, bought books, ate, chatted, got our books signed and were back out on the town again. It was a great event!

We left and found our way into the Paris Market, one of my favorite stores. Here are a few images from inside the store.

These last photos were for my "Girls" that are coming to visit me in May. I am just wetting your appetite for the day I have planned for you! I can't wait to share this wonderful city and the southern hospitality with you all!
Thank you for coming along with me and sharing in the fun. If you ever get the chance to visit Savannah, I really hope you do!


Tam said...

Great POST. It was a good day for the was the FIRST real day of enjoyable weather here in days.

Carrie said...

I came over here from Tam great post Savannah is a great city! I am jealous ya'll got to meet Paula! But what fun!

MommaRu said...

You ALL had beautiful, happy smiles. It was plain to see how much you girls were enjoying your-selves. So happy it turned out so nice for you.

Sugar Bear said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Look at the braces as a great ice breaker! I'm super jealous of your gorgeous weather.

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

The rbaces thing is funny- in a very sweet way. Hey, if that got the Deen's to chit dhat a little- who cares? I lvoe that it was crowded!! The weather looks amazing- it is warmer here, but very soggy and muddy. Lookng forward to Savannah!!

Lilly's Home said...

You are an awesome blogger...and to meet Paula Deen, what a thrill!!!

Thanks for your sweet comments on my heart pins at Becky's blog.

Smiles, Lilly

Angela said...

aackkk!!!! He is a QT!! I am so jealous and so glad that y'all got to go and have fun. Sunday was perfect weather and I know you 3 just had the best time. Can't wait for May...been going thru my wallpaper so just let me know what you need for me to do.

I hope you remembered to check your braces after eating and before you bared them to Paula and her hunky son..hahaha.

Susan Tuttle said...

Paula! -- no way! -- what a day!

Thank you for the sweet comment my dear!


Colleen said...

If you love Paula, then you are already my friend! HA! We got to see her at her new buffet at the casino in MS last year and are going to see her again next month also in MS. Paula is just precious!

natalea said...

Tammy, what a fabulous day!! It looks like everything went perfectly!! Don't you just love days like that- the sun shining, everyone having a great time and relaxing? Ah! Paula looks radiant- doesn't she? Must have been a blast! thanks for all the pics!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

You are killin' me! That is so funny Bobbie showing you his teeth and Paula making that face!
I know you had a well deserved day away to play with your girlfriends :)
Where was Jamie??

Laurie and Chris said...

Oh My Goodness! I would love to meet Paula and Bobbie. It sounds and looks like you had a wonderful time.

Charmed Life said...

I think Bobbie is a dream boat! He is definitely one of my TV crushes. LOL! I would not have been able to even speak to him I would have been so nervous. You rock!

Happy Day!

eghigh said...

This sounds like a dream...I love Savannah...and can't wait to go back someday.
It's those funny moments(braces) that create the best memories.

Andrea said...

It looks like you had a blast! I love to watch Paula on the Food Network...she seems so genuine. And the shop you stopped at looks fabulous.

Rambling Girl said...

Love Savannah and now with Spring coming soon I am going to plan a day there to see all the beautiful flowers.