Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Bracing" for Round 2

I have never used my blog to vent or even to express anything but my usual peaceful nature, but I am completely irritated and disappointed! I mentioned on my Birthday post in November that I was getting braces at age 42. I didn't elaborate on why I was getting braces then, but the plan was to hopefully correct my very ugly under bite by putting braces on my bottom teeth only. The orthodontist lowered the boom on me Tuesday and told me that I would have to have them added to the top to try and fix this issue. She is trying to pull the top teeth forward and the bottom teeth back.

I never had braces as a child because I was blessed with very straight, very pretty teeth. So why now??? Well, because of the way I bite, my lower teeth are getting pretty banged up and I was told by my dentist and consulting orthodontist that I am at risk of loosing them in about 20 years. That was not an option, so I decided to get the braces and correct the problem now rather than deal with loosing my teeth in my early 60's.

I have disliked these braces from the start. They have been uncomfortable and irritating and the thought of getting the tops done is making my crazy sad and mad!! I know I am whining, but now I am very worried. If she can't get this to work, I may be forced into surgery to fix a problem the braces may make even worse. I am trying not to fret about it, but the whole thing has me nervous. Besides, now I am really going to be self conscience about my metal smile. I want ceramic braces on the top because they are clear, but they want an additional 350.00 for those and Hubby is not going for it. Wish me luck in convincing him that I NEED the ceramic ones!

For those of you who have read this, thanks for listening! I will keep you posted. This is going to suck!


Sugar Bear said...

Well I got an error and am not sure if my first comment went through so here we go again!

I had an underbite as a child and my ortho corrected it with a special appliance he made. It was similar to a retainer and it had a spring like system at the front of it that gradually pushed out my top jaw. I remember it was a fairly quick process (less than a year) and no pain was involved. I wonder if that could be an option for you? Certainly less costly and less of a pain than braces (which I have also had for reasons unrelated to the underbite).

Good luck!


Tam said...

Hey venting here is WAY cheaper than Therapy.

HMMM as for the Husband..two ways to handle that
1. tell him if he ever wants to sleep in the SAME room as YOU again EVER...he will come up with the 350.00 even if he has to take a second job at Burger KING...LOL

2. Be extra Extra Nice and say that this WILL be YOUR VALENTINE PRESENT...LOL

I am sure it all will work out and I am glad YOU vented HERE!

HUGS and I hope you are smiling!


Vent away!!!
Girlie I'm sorry this upsets you.. I'm going to send you a picture of me!! I wore braces just a recently!!! I don't think you saw them cause I had them removed right before OBX, I think..I have to look.. and in all honesty...they were not that bad, I wore them for 3 years. I too choose to pay an extra $500. for the clear ones on top. I don't thinks it's worth it. People knew I had braces on anyway...cause most of the time I had piles of food jammed in them..LOL. I know this doesn't help you, but I'm sure you will be pleased with the final results..and maybe if you are really stressed about the outcome..go have a second opinion.. it can't hurt!!
Cheer up... Think of the return

English Cottage in Georgia said...

I will pray for your dentist to have the wisdom of Solomon and for your teeth to cooperate :-)

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

sorry, babe. I totally understand about the teeth. I've had 2 occlusal adjustments that have cost $2000. But my teeth were killing me and I was biting so hard that I got an unnecessary root canal before being correctly diagnosed. The last adjustment was awful- I spent a month on ibuprofen until my teeth settled. It would seem to me- honestly- that the braces are a waste of money due to your overbite. I would assume the surgery would be the best option- IF you really felt like it was a problem. I just don't see how they can move your jaw that much. I'm told that these days it's done with lasers and plates, rather than breaking the bone and wiring you shut. Keep me posted. xoxoxo

Grace said...

I thought as we got older we just got better and everything would be easier! Not! Hang in there honey just keep on venting and let it out. Hugs Grace

MommaRu said...

I agree with Cinabonbon.

Go have a second opinion. This is too important.

I also think what Sugar Bear said is something worthwhile looking into. How about going to "Google" and seeing what you can find out there, too.

You didn't need braces as a child, but as you do now, Mom and Dad will pick up the slack for you. You and Don are always there for us. Good Luck.

Rhonda said...

As a 39 year old teacher who has been on an orthodontic journey for a year I know what you are going through. I thought I would get invisalign and each step of the journey has gotten worse and am now sporting a full metal smile. I am sure that someday we will find that the pain was worth the gain.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I can't stress enough how THERE I am for you!!! I am not kidding. Thats really awful and I understand. I've had lots of bad dreams about my teeth and I can imagine how you feel. And it is all expensive and uncomfortable, etc, etc. I hope there is some kind of pleasant outcome that doesn't take forever for you. Hugs!!!

Heather Grow said...

Hi Tammy. I want to third the opinion that you should get a second opinion.

I had braces for 2 1/2 years from 7th grade until my junior year in high school. I had the full bands that wrap around each tooth. They were especially attractive when I had to wear rubber bands. Thank heavens I never had a head gear. Remember Joan Cusack in 16 Candles?

Your valentines are gorgeous.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I agree with others...a second opinion is needed here I think. It's a never ending process with me and my dentist and periodontist and other teeth specialist. Costing an arm and a leg and it seems like every time I go I am told I need something else. They think we are made of money or something. I am doing a new post today on my blog about my dental surgery on Thursday. Yuk..Let us know how you do. xo Lynn