Sunday, December 14, 2008

Seeing Friends at this Joyous Time of Year!

During this busy time of year, it is always great to slow down and actually enjoy the Holiday with Friends. From a Holiday Street Fair downtown, Christmas Open House at the Carriage House and a Fabulous Cookie Swap with the neighborhood gals, I spent the weekend greeting friends, wishing a Merry Christmas and enjoying the joy of the season.The cookie swap was hosted by my friend Trina at her lovely home just right around the corner from me. She had a pretty Christmas display greeting us with Christmas Carols and a smile on her face as we entered the door. Here is my plate of Almond Cookies and 8 boxes of almond cookies to swap with.
We each brought 8 dozen of our special cookies along with recipe cards so we could add these new recipes to our own kitchens.
Trina planned a lovely party. She had the savory goodies first with soft drinks and they were delicious. We all commented on her hot artichoke dip. Need that recipe, too! We chatted and mingled and enjoyed her pretty Christmas tree.
I brought Trina a little hostess gift. This is the prettiest bottle of sparkling pink lemonade imported from France. It is as yummy as the outside of this bottle.I brought each of the Fabulous 5 a little Christmas treat. They each got a handmade ornament made by me to put upon their trees. I hope each year when they hang them, they will remember the laughs we have had and our friendship!
Each ornament has bits of reminders: family, hope, friendship, peace, believe, love, faith.

I came home with 8 dozen delicious cookies hand made with love by 8 Southern women. We will enjoy these treats with our family and friends this holiday season. Many thanks to you, Trina for hosting a great cookie swap and for all of your hard work!

The surprise of the weekend came when I was at the Street Fair in Downtown Gray. While checking out the various vendor tables, I spotted a true crafters table! I said to my SIL Judy, "This looks like my friend Angela's goodies." I no sooner looked up and she was throwing a big hug my way. Angela is a fellow crafter and blogger that lives in Macon. It was so good to see her and wish her a Merry. Look what I bought from her... This is a wreath made out of vintage sheet music. She has folded and glued the paper long a ring to make this unusual wreath. I am going to adorn this wreath and add to my studio. I also bought one for Mom.This wreath is made up of vintage text and she added some crocheted doilies and vintage cream buttons. It is so crafty and vintagy! I just love them and she couldn't sell them fast enough. Great job, Angela!!!!

Well, y'all that's all for now. I hoped you enjoyed the pictures and story of my weekend. I hope you are all finding some unexpected JOY this holiday season.


Andrea said...

The cookie swap sounds like so much fun. Love the ornaments you made...and the wreath is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Sugar Bear said...

How fun! I've never participated in a cookie swap before. Someday!

MommaRu said...

Thanks so much for my wreath. I simply love it! Can't wait to find the perfect spot for it. What a clever idea.
The cookie swap looks, and I'm sure, tastes delicious. What fun and with such lovely women. You are truly Blessed.
Your ornaments turned out lovely, too. May the fun go on....
Love you,

Susan Tuttle said...

What a fancy cookie swap! I love the cookie boxes -- so dainty! And a bottle of pink lemonade all dressed up -- love it!

Those wreaths are so clever!


natalea said...

love those wreaths, and love the ornaments you made! xo

Lee W. said...

Delete that first post- it looks like spam.

This whole post was lovely. It made me miss you more. We never do anything like that here. Our swap got put on hold due to the boys being sick. I love the cookie boxes too.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

What a great party! Love the boxes and your bottle of pink :)
Off to see Angela...

Tam said...

LOVE your post and it makes me want to MOVE to GRAY...LOL

LOOKS like you had a great weekend!

Take care!

Rambling Girl said...

Oh my another new friend from Georgia! I am coming from Tam's place. So we have something in common, we both think she is a hoot! Love the cookie exchange...sounds like fun! Also the goodies you brought are so cute!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Sounds like you had a busy and fun filled weekend. Love the boxes you made for the cookies. I miss the cookie swaps of my old neighborhood. There was one lady who always sponsored a cookie swap with a hundred or so guest. You never saw so many cookies in your life. Love your friends paper wreaths. They almost look like gigantic sunflowers. Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year. ~ Lynn

Trina said...

I am now a member! Love the blog.

Sandy Michelle said...

I am envious..what fun! I LOVE those wreaths! Thanks for the birthday wishes:)



whhaaaaaaaaaa...Oh what fun for you georgia gals....sniff sniff...for the rest of us!!!

Miss you girlie.