Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Ball of Fun

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to find 5 hours of uninterrupted time in my studio! I spent half of that time cleaning up and vacuuming up there because it was so upside down, but I did manage to get a few gifts made.I made these Christmas Balls for a few friends of mine. I saw a version of these in Somerset Life, but I added some buttons and glitter to the ball as well as the words of inspiration. They came out really cute.I hope that each year when they bring them out to put on their trees, they will think of me and our friendships!
I also finished this set of Christmas Tree gift tags. You can find these and some of our other goodies on Lollishops!
Well, I am off to try and finish my Christmas Cards so I can send them off soon. I hope you are all enjoying the Holiday hurry! See you all soon.


Tam said...

So very Creativie! Thanks for the sweet words on my blog as usual.

Lee W. said...

they are so pretty- just how I envisioned them. XOXO

Sandy Michelle said...

The girls that received those awesome word ornaments from you are so lucky:)