Friday, November 7, 2008

What Amazing Friends I Have!!

What a great Birthday I had this past week. It turned out to be a week long celebration. I have to share with you all of the wonderful presents that came from far and near. Lucky, lucky me!These first pictures are of gifts my BFF Lee sent me. What a real treat! This tag is so pretty that she made. It will grace my studio always.Lee had all of the gifts wrapped with these lovely old cloth roses on top.This pretty satin box is so amazing. Most of these boxes were long and narrow to hold ladies gloves, but this one is a square and will hold many more goodies. She included some crafting treats inside. The book in the previous picture "Fashion a-la- Mode" was a real find. Lee tracked this book down because it is no longer in print. She knew I would just love it. Here are some inside looks at this collector's item. This book is full of pop-ups, slide-outs and loose objects that tell stories about the clothing from different time eras and countries.
Thanks, Lee for all of the special gifts you sent.

Next were some gifts from my local gal pals! We celebrated last Saturday night with dinner and a movie.This is a beautiful sterling silver necklace from Annette. This piece is done by an artist that copies wrought iron fence designs from around the South. Just another gesture to make me feel even more at home here. Thanks, Nette for your clever gift!
This sweet hanging picture frame is from Stephanie; my car-pooling, church-going, gynmastic-classing buddy! This already hangs in the studio and will have a picture of the fabulous five placed in it; Me, Steph, Nette, Marla and Suzanne. Thank so much Steph!
Now Suzanne certainly got this gift right. She lives across the street from me and watches all the company come and go from my place. I love this hostess set. It has this neat fleur-de-lis ceramic piece that sits on the top to hold the napkins in place. This will certainly come in handy here, Suzanne. Thanks for the great gift.

This next goody box came from the super talented and generous, Natalea.
Natalea lives in Hamburg, NY and we have been blogging buddies for some time now. I hope I get to meet her face to face one day soon!Natalea filled the box with yummy candies, a pretty birthday sign, a handmade notepad and this silver beauty.This is a lovely hand made pin cushion nestled in this old silver pitcher. It matches my studio perfectly and is at home on my sewing table. Thanks, Natalea for taking the time to make such wonderful things for my birthday. Hugs to you!!

I am not done yet...
Yesterday, we took a day trip with my parents and my SIL Judy to Savannah. I got to pick out my birthday present from Mom and Dad at the Vintage General.
These glistening vintage reproductions are amazing. I am so in love with this Christmas House and bottle tree. I am putting it up in my studio for Christmas along with my silver Christmas tree that I am still looking for. The owner of the Vintage General let me take pictures of her display. It is like dying and going to Vintage Christmas Heaven. Look at this collection of goodies.. Just so lovely to look at. Such Christmas splendor!
Speaking of Savannah, my Southern Diva Blogging Buddy, Tam really surprised me by sending a box of gifts for me. She also created a post on her blog in honor of me for my Birthday. You rock, girl. Here are the treats she sent.
For someone I have never met, she found a collection of things that are truly me; embroidered hankies, cherub heart tins, a rubber stamp with a crown, delicious box of tea, a vintage inspired 2009 calendar, an enamel and crystal cross and then this..
A glass martini ornament. When I host my first Get Away Weekend, you are going to mix your famous martini's for all of us. Many sincere thanks for thinking of me Tam, and for your thoughtful gifts.

Just when you thought my Birthday celebration was over. I was treated to this beautiful creation:
Sherry Rose Bella my fellow vendor at the Carriage House and local southern belle made this gorgeous embellished bottle.
I love the top of this piece. Sherry thank you so much for your creative gift. You did such an amazing job with this project. It is so me!
Well, my lovelies thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your thoughtful gifts. My life would not be the same without all of you. You all make me very happy and I am proud to call you my friends!
Big Hugs and Kisses,


Ally said...

Happy birthday. All these gifts are gorgeous.

Lee W. said...

ooooooo, love ya- good thing I don't live close to you, I'd be pinching some of those goodies!! LOL xoxo

Sandy Michelle said...

Oh my goodness you got some fabulous birthday gifts girl! I love the glittery house you got at French General too! Nat and I will miss you while we're gone! we'll be back with some fun pix soon!


natalea said...

Tammy, I so happy that you had such a nice birthday! One of these days I swear I'm going to fly down there to visit! We must get together in the near future! have a great week and we'll talk soon...
xox natalea


Happy Birthday!


ooooo---all these are such pretties!!!! You're a special lady!! I'm glad you ahve so many wonderful friends.

Have a good week girl.

Tam said...

WOW you had a GREAT BIRTHDAY WEEK! LOVE all your goodies!

OO man YOU visitied SAVANNAH.

Susan Tuttle said...

I'm drooling over all of this glittery wonderfulness!

Your banner is delicious -- I want to snatch that cupcake right up!


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