Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Studio in Blue!

After a long summer of construction and lots of disruption, my new studio is done!!! I am finally moved in and have begun to get things settled. I have included a lot of pictures to try and share with you how great this space is. It is going to be a work- in- progress for a long time to come, but decorating and adding new things is all part of the fun of having your own space to create.
Welcome! These are the stairs leading up to a space all my own. This is at the landing at the top of the stairs. These are vinyl letters that I added for daily inspiration.Making our way around the room, this is the first long wall of the studio. This is the pretty part of the studio with a lovely painting, wall hangings and the iron body form for displaying favorite things.
This rhinestone jewelry set belonged to my grandmother. This is perched on the shelf inside the iron body form.This is a green metal garden shelf that has one of my favorite books and a good luck bamboo that my friend gave me.This picture was taken standing in front of the stairwell rail. This shows the left side of the room and my work table that is in the center of the room.Some organizing space. I eventually want some neat old bookcases and shelves for this wall.
My sewing tables and machines are across the back wall where the windows provide a lovely view of the lake and the pine trees in my backyard.
This small table was a flea market find. My Dad painted it and made it look like new. Not bad for 6 dollars. I love this cherub lamp and the items on the table are some of my most favorite things; pincushions, hand-made journal and my bird clock.
I managed to sew 2 valances for the studio and I still need to make one for the longer window in the front of the room. This half curtain made from tulle, I had in the last craft room which has lovely ATC's and cards from friends.Making our way around, we are now on the other long wall of the studio. This is toward the back of the wall with the windows and houses my computer, printer, cutter, etc. This needs to be made up a bit. I am working out an idea. Stay tuned.
Further down the wall is a special place carved out for my little princess. I would never get to spend anytime up here, if I didn't find a place to keep her busy. She loves being up in the studio and loves working with paints and stickers!! We have some other toys and things to add, but this space will continue to evolve, I am sure.Next to the little artist's play place is my storage closet. Well, it is the closest thing to a closet. This area needs work as well. I want to decorate the baskets and shelves and make a decorative curtain swagged in front of it. Lots to do!!This picture is of the front of the room where this window looks out the front of my house and down the driveway. I already have my eye on a gorgeous couch for in front of the rail. My husband is not giving my any wiggly room here, though. I guess I will have to wait for the couch.This cute little table is in front of the railing. Found this metal garden table this summer for a real steal. The egg shaped cage on top has 2 glass shelves for displaying pretty things. I actually bought this from Sherry at her booth in an antique shop, before I ever met Sherry. Who knew we would meet and become buddies. LOL!
This is a picture of the back half of the room with the work tables in the middle.
Here is my work table. It is messy, as always. I didn't try and straighten it out for the pics because I know you ladies know what it is like to try and keep work tables tidy...impossible.

Well, that is your first glimpse into my new Studio. There is much to do and to keep me busy. I have been working on my I Want Candy pages for Natalea's book swap and finishing up some Halloween goodies. BUT, stay tuned!!! In honor of my new studio I am putting together an awesome giveaway soon you won't want to miss.
Until then, see you sweety pies later!


Tam said...

O MY GOODNESS your studio is Beautiful and I LOVE IT! I love that BLUE!!! IT is so so very peacefull looking! I am still IN love with MY HEADER!!!! Thanks again so very MUCH. I have not stalked over sooner but you know with ALL this TALK about Huricanes has kept us a little busy this week in case of EVAC...LOL

Grace said...

How adorable your room is and so big! Thank you for sharing. Hugs Grace

MommaRu said...

Oh my! Loved taking "the tour" around your new studio. It looks wonderful. All of the new pieces you've been gathering have now come "home to roost". You can see and feel the love that has gone into your new space, your talents and gifts of art from your many friends. Enjoy it all, Sweetheart. Can't wait to join in on some of your projects. Love you, my girls......Mom

CINNIBONBON said... for now I'll jusy say WOW!!! I'll come back to post more ..hehehe I was blog hopping while prepping diner.
Is that Stratosphere blue?

Angela Harris said...

Wow! That studi is AMAZING! I love the quote. Thank you for the heartfelt advice. It was very helpful, especially about the part that they will feel my anxiety. I never thought of it. Thank you!

Del said...

All I can say is WOW! Put ME up in that studio and lock the door on your way out! It looks great Tammy ... enjoy your new space. You did a fabulous job. Hope Shelby enjoys her little artist's corner too ... when will she start her own blog?

Andrea said...

What a wonderful space to create in...Gotta love all that elbow room. The blue color is gorgeous too.

Lee W. said...

AWESOME!! Love the vinyl wall quote!

SherryRoseBella said...

Tammy!!! your studio is wonderful!! It's huge!!! Such a beautiful place to create! I love Shelby's fru-fru sweet!! What a fun way to spend time with your little girl! See ya soon, sweet friend!
Hugs, Sherry

Sugar Bear said...

Drooling, drooling, drooling over here! What a fabulous space! The couch will be the perfect place for some naps. The size of the room is amazing. What a lucky girl you are! How fabulous that Shelby is creative too. I wish you lots of creative days in your new space.

Sandy Michelle said...

You are soooo lucky to have your very own studio and you decorated it so nicely! It would be heaven creating art in there!


Tam said...

Yeah I am so drooling over YOUR studio! I love it!


I so love your space!!!
I love the color, it looks like my old space in our old home.
You've done a fantastic job. I love the writing on the wall too!!
I'm sure you will spending so many night in your new hideaway!!!
Good deal..girl!!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

That was a fun tour Tammy. I have that same treadle sewing machine that my modern machine sits on. I make great use of all the drawers. And your wall words....Love that! Enjoy all your days in your creating space! xo Lynn

scrappermimi said...

Oh pretty and oh so welcoming! What a nice way to be inspired to craft...lovely!

Natalea said...

OMG Tammy! I LOVE it! you must be thrilled to be in there!
I'm so glad I got to take the tour- it was worth the wait...every inch is just lovely- a perfect space to create! And I love the area for your "assisent"- adorable! xo natalea

Cassie said...

Oh this is fantastic! What a great space. It looks wonderful already but I bet you're going to have so much fun decorating it some more. I love the princess corner, how neat to be able to have room to play in mom's studio! Thanks for sharing the pictures and I hope you show more as you progress.

Pearl said...

Ohhhh Tammy... Your studio just took my breath away... What a Dream come True! It is going to be so much fun to continue to add and decorate as time goes by... and I just adore the special spot you created for your sweet lil Princess! Everything is just perfect and I am so happy for you! God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~