Monday, September 15, 2008


Natalea, got her presents on Friday, so I opened my Sweet and Sinister packages and can show you all of the spooky goodness.
As usual, Natalea out did herself. She sent me a spooktacular array of gifts. I have them here set up in an old suitcase in my studio.Don't you love this black crow and Happy Halloween sign? I am going to add a little bling and tulle to our feathered friend here and perch him in my dress form.This image cracks me up. This will be us gals 30 years from now! Great Card.
This is definitely the sweet part of the swap. Darling ATC!This a paper mache skull pick with this beaded ring. The ring fits perfect and is awesome for the Fall.Look at these candles. They are so clever and they look so cool when they are burning. Great job, Natalea.
Here's the rest of the fun stuff from Nat. Many thanks, Natalea for suggesting the swap and for all of the presents!

Here are a few pictures of the things I made for Natalea.This is a creme ceramic pumpkin that I added a crow tag and some tulle and buttons to.This is a trick-or-treat bag that I sewed out of felt. I love this vintage image of the little witch. I filled this bag with vintage inspired candies from the Cracker Barrel. A hand made card with a witches shoe to go with it.A hanging collage.This was for the sinister part of the swap. I found these glass Czech. spider buttons on ebay. We drilled a hole in the bangle bracelet then I glued the spider button on top of a vintage black wooden button and then glued that to the bangle. It came out so cute. I may have to make one for myself! I had a great time making these Halloween goodies. I am ready to make some more for some other unsuspecting ghouls!!

Lastly, here are some cards I made to put in my booth at the Carriage House. Sorry for the glare. I have them packaged in cellophane card protectors.

Here is a sample of the back of the package.

That is certainly enough for now! Lots more Halloween to come over the next couple of weeks.


Tam said...

GREAT Halloween Gifts! That was truly a great SWAP!!!!!

Hope all is going GREAT!

Sugar Bear said...

Oh how fun! I didn't have a chance to join the swap this year but I remember it being fabulous last year.

Anonymous said...

What a perfect pair of swappers! Each of your packages are so fabulous!

Tam said...

HI stalked over to check you out today! O I left you a little bloggy award!

MommaRu said...

SWEET AND SASSY Halloween Treats!
You both did a funtastic job.
Your new black cat gives me an idea
for a paper mache goodie.

Great fun, Halloween cards. Save some for me.

Love you, Mom

Sandy Michelle said...

You both did an awesome job with the spooky treats!!! So much eye candy!


Cassie said...

You have just put me in the Halloween spirit! What great stuff. I'm glad I have been motivated because Alexa wants to be a lion for Halloween and I need to get started on the costume. Thanks for sharing all of your goodies.

scrappermimi said...

Oh, what fun mail!

I bet you spent a ton of time looking over it, so fun!

Pearl said...

Ooooooooo what Awesome Swap Goodies for both of y'all... Love it all and would have a hard time picking a favorite! Hope to see photos of Mr. Crow after you Bling him out! LOL