Monday, July 21, 2008

Treasures to Share

There is a small used bookstore in town that I frequent from time to time. The last couple of times I spotted a wonderful old book on wild flowers. This book just spoke to me every time I went in there. I kept putting it down because the vendor was very firm on the price and I really did not want to spend what she was asking for it. Well, I went back last week and had a moment. I just could not leave this old beauty behind.
This book was published in 1909 and it is in wonderful condition. When I looked at it more closely, I noticed that the last owner left a few things inside.This is an old newspaper clipping entitled "The Sensitiveness of Flowers." There is no dating on the paper so I can't tell how old it may be.
I even found this old pressed flower. How neat to find these added momentos.The illustrations in this book are so lovely. I look forward to scanning and using some of these images in my artwork.

Another treasure to share are these late 1890's publications from London. I found these at the local flea market from a man that said he bought them at auction at an old estate in Macon recently. There were 5 different editions in the packet.This one is dated December 5, 1891. They appear to be original documents. They are so wonderful. The articles and all of the illustrations are just fantastic. Here are some pics of some inside pages.

I haven't gone through all of them yet, but I may have to find a way to share these images with those that may be interested for their artwork. The 2 birds will work on that.

Lastly, I found this wonderful old wooden German puzzle. It is in perfect condition.The puzzle includes several cards to follow for putting the puzzle together to make different pictures.

I will have to keep this one away from Shelby for a little while to help keep this pristine for awhile.

I hope you enjoyed the treasures. Thanks for visiting.



Tam said...

Great the field it!


How wonderful..girl no wonder you needed new space. All those things you find on your hunts have to stored somewhere.

Susie Harris said...

Love that book... what an awesome find! Susie h~

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Thank you for visiting me! You have a beautiful blog! Is Gray Georgia south of Atlanta?
Love the book! Great graphics! And the vintage German puzzle has awesome graphics too! Great finds!

Anonymous said...

isn't old paper wonderful? I go to antique paper shows twice a year....such fun.


Merci-Notes said...

I am so glad that "your" book was still there... as if waiting for it's owner! I can see why you desired it!!!
With Kindness,

Sugar Bear said...

What great finds and the pressed flower - that is so special and magical.

Cassie said...

You seem to find really great stuff! I LOVE the book on wildflowers. What a fabulous find. Thanks for letting us peek at them.

FlipFlop Mom said...

Those are beautiful and amazing... I sooooooo love stuff like that!!!

Jenni B said...

Hello! I came over from Southern Ladys Vintage and fell in love with your blog. Thanks for posting your finds. Really neat! I love to find old recipe illustrations. :)

Tam said...

Just doing a mid nite stalk of some of my favorite blogs!