Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Little South in Your Mouth!

On Tuesday, July 1st we celebrated Canada Day with our good friends from Canada and we had our first Low Country Boil. This is a southern meal cooked down in a big pot with lots of flavor. I found the recipe in Paula Deans calendar cookbook. It not only included the how-to's, but how much to cook for each person. The Low Country Boil is made with Old Bay Seasoning, shrimp, sausage, corn and potatoes.I found a 42-Qt. pot to cook our boil in and it worked just great. I found it at Lowe's of all places. Here we are adding the shrimp last to the pot. Almost ready to Eat!Here is the feast. The shrimp were done perfectly along with everything else. The recipe worked out great. All of the timing and amounts per person were perfect. We had 2 potatoes and 1 piece of corn left over. We will definitely have this again, soon!
Here is the gang enjoying their Canada Day feast. Judy is on the left, my hubby is at the head of the table and Lysa and John! Me and my sweet Hubby enjoying our first Canada Day as Canadian Citizen's. The candy striped building in the back is our new pool house and my new studio. Here are some pictures of the new building.We are just waiting for the siding to be done and all of the inside finishes. This is the front of the building that faces the pool.This is a side view of the building that faces the pond. They are targetted to finish at the end of this month. I will share all of the inside photos when it is done. I can't wait to decorate my new 20x35 foot studio. My very own space! My husband is so awesome for building a second floor on this building to make me happy!

We finished the day out with some fireworks of our own.

We had a great Canada Day and we are looking forward to some more partying tomorrow for the 4th! I hope you all have a great 4th of July.


Faith's Vintage Vanity said...

That's some pool house and studio! It looks like a completely new house. How wonderful. I trying to squeeze all my antique stuff and office stuff and scrapbooking stuff into one tiny room. Good for you. Hope you have a great weekend.



Oh my goodness!!!! a scrap place over the pool? You're too fabulous for me!!!! Awesome..girl...very nice..
Ok so Hubs would die for a meal like that....I've altered his eating Have a happy 4th and wooohooo...on Canada day!!

MommaRu said...

Miss all of you and wish we could have helped ya'll celebrate Canada Day. Hi, Lysa and John. We're hopeing for next year to be together again. Happy 4th to all!
Can find no other word for the new pool house except, BEAUTIFUL! Hope I can help you put your new studio together. What fun!

MommaRu said...

Love your title, "A Little South in Your Mouth!" It looks like it's as much fun to eat as how good it tastes. Can't wait to try it.

Sugar Bear said...

Wow - I think your pool house is bigger than my regular house. Looks like a yummy meal.

Cassie said...

It looks like you had a great day! We spent the morning at the parade here (Norwalk has a traditional small town America parade!). Your studio looks like it is going to be amazing, can't wait to see pictures when it is completed!

Anonymous said...

Happy fourth to you!! You will be so inspired with your new studio view. Can't wait to see what you create there....I am a little confused...Did you move to Canada?

Karen Eileen

Tam said...

First of All that POOL House/Studio ROCKS! How Awesome!

Second...LOW COUNTRY BOIL! O yeah when I first came down here it took some me a little bit of time to get use to IT. I am from Virginia and Actually pretty close to Maryland and there we STEAM our Seafood. I have fallen in love with Low Country BOILS and since then I have seen people add Whole Vidalia Onions to it and even Crab Legs. AHHHH I know you all had a great FEAST!

Thanks for the comment on my blog.

OO SO how many times have you eaten at Lady and Sons?

Sandy said...

You two are such a cute couple! I can see you had a fun and delicious Canada Day:) Your building/pool looks nice!


FlipFlop Mom said...

I made a southern boil for my dear friend who grew up in LA.. I am a NHrite.. tee hee... so her hubby and I ordered crayfish from LA.. and I went to work and cooked the whole thing!! it was a LOT of work!! But it was fun and she was soooooo surprised!!!

Your home looks FAB!!! LOVE IT!!