Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fancy Nancy!

If you have a daughter between the ages of 2 -8 years of age you must introduce her to Fancy Nancy! She is a character from a series of books created by Jane O'Connor. These books are Shelby's favorites and they are wonderful. Fancy Nancy loves all things fancy, big fancy words, speaking in French and all the bling she can wear at once. Here are the original and the second book. A third book came out this past February called Bonjour Butterfly.

Well, my Mother knows how much Shelby loves these books, so she got busy making her her own Fancy Nancy Doll. Look at this amazing crocheted doll.

She looks so much like her. From the red and fuschia hair, rhinestones, laced up ballet slippers and tutu. Let us not forget about her crown!
Sequined ballet slippers with tie up laces.

Shelby has been toting her around since she arrived. Mom did a really good job at making her tough enough for a 2 year old. Thanks Mom for all of your work and love that went into this doll for Shelby. It's wonderful!!!!



Oh that is just the greatest gift!! You surely have to get both of those items saved in a box for her someday. Just too lovely!

Del said...

WOW ... Another fabulous creation by MiMi Ru. Great job Ruthie! Fancy Nancy looks very happy cuddled in Shelbys arms ... so precious!

Lisa said...

Oh, the doll is absolutely adorable! Love it. I really enjoy homemade gifts.
Thanks for stopping by.. and to answer your question, I can't plant flowers until Memorial Day, so spring is late May early June. Right now, we are having a "spring snow storm."

Natalea said...

How sweet and special that doll is! Something she'll treasure always!
xo natalea

Anonymous said...

So happy Shelby loves her Fancy Nancy Doll. She was so much fun to make. Miss my real-life "Shelby Doll"! Love, MiMi

Susan Tuttle said...

We love Fancy Nancy in our home too! What a great doll - your sweet daughter looks very smitten with her.

Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my book.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


MommaRu said...

So enjoy stopping by your Blog each day to see if something is new. It's great fun seeing all of your new ideas and reading the comments from your friends.