Saturday, March 29, 2008

Shared Friendship, Shared Journal

When my BFF, Lee and I turned 40 we made some amazing and very memorable gifts for one another. We have been friends for 20+ years and we are still finding things that we share in common.
This was one of the gifts from Lee. It is an accordian mini book that is completed on both sides. It chronicles our years together. The pictures make me laugh and cry. I gave it its own shelf in my studio and I love looking at it, especially when I'm missing her.

As one of our gifts to each other, we started a shared journal. (Shown above) It belongs to both of us and we pass it back and forth between us adding new stories, pictures and thoughts. This has turned out to be a wonderful way to capture the things we share together and also don't get to share with one another. I gave it to Lee in October with lots of goodies inside. By January, she had filled several other pages and sent it to me for the next couple of months. Well, another set of birthdays has gone by so I did a couple of pages today and will be ready to hand it off to Lee in person in June when she comes to visit. I hope for all who read this that you have an extraordinary friend like I do. If you do, start sharing a journal and see where it grows your friendship.


Lee W. said...

this made me cry. Thank you for being such a great friends, and for honoring the little album I made you. Your box sits on my dresser, where I see it every day. XO-Lee

Susan Tuttle said...

What a truly special way to celebrate your beautiful friendship. Sigh...


Sandra Evertson said...

Fabulous journals!
Sandra Evertson


That is just touching. I LOVE EVRYTHING about it. Your pages always amaze me. I just don't see how you gals are able to find, let alone piece all those vintage items. You one very fortunate to have had a friend like Lee and vise-versa. Very very special..